How to successfully set up a CRM in times of Covid-19?

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Sarah Cotton By Sarah Cotton

It’s no secret: those who have been able to benefit from maintaining their activity since the start of the crisis have had to review their work organisation. With teleworking, we had to equip ourselves with dedicated tools to create a new collaborative method between teams, to create and maintain the link with our customers.

The EudoTeam is no exception to this rule. Eudonet’s teams adapted in order to maintain activity and ensure that projects were completed. How did they do it? And how did it go for our customers?

Re-imagine the customer experience and the project methodology


“When the lockdown was announced in March 2020, our reaction was to do everything to continue delivering the projects,” recalls Charlotte Ross – Director of Operations at Eudonet. Continue to work, continue to achieve, continue to serve client organisations. If the Eudonet teams are keen to satisfy them, they also know that this happens through regular and transparent communication.

For Virginie, Eudonet Project Manager, interactive support is key. This naturally translates into great responsiveness to ensure that the project is carried out under good conditions. “I imagined a reassuring and soothing remote experience for the client but productive knowing that he can count on our business expertise, our support and our help for the implementation of his project. “

Also, trust is a fundamental point. To promote it, Eudonet employees and customers are invited to activate their cameras to maintain a human link despite the distance. “From experience, we know that seeing each other allows us to better measure expectations and reactions, and therefore to adapt more easily. Seeing each other is essential to understand each other and better adapt our solutions. “ – Charlotte Ross.

As a result, the Eudonet experts have added to their usual methodology the remote animation of work iterations. More numerous, shorter, they make it possible to move the project forward without impacting organisations in their daily tasks and to maintain their activity. And, with an Eudonet solution at the heart of the exchanges, the EudoTeam does everything to ensure that the tool is deployed as quickly as possible to allow organisations to be more efficient in teleworking time.

In this unprecedented period, it is also essential to rethink the entire organisation of workshops and training on a case-by-case basis. Lockdown and remote working can be synonymous with additional workload for certain trades. Also, the Eudonet teams adapt the schedule of certain services (keeping reasonable deadlines) and define the course of the sessions upstream so that each meeting is controlled and productive. “All video meetings are followed by a report, which the client can then read quietly in order to validate everyone’s understanding of the elements exchanged. “ – Virginie Lemagnen

Succeed in a remote project by supporting the change

A successful project is a project in which organisation is the key. Anticipation, explanation, communication and sharing are the key words in the conduction of a project. This is all the more true and important at a distance since communication becomes mainly written and leaves less room for improvisation, such as discussions over coffee.

The use of collaborative tools for internal meetings with the Canadian, Marseille, Lyon, English and Dutch teams enabled Eudonet’s teams to adapt easily from the start of the crisis. The use of these tools made it possible to generalize the work process to exchange workshops and project steering meetings.

“We have to hunt down technical pitfalls that could affect exchanges with the customer,” then advises Sébastien – Eudonet Project Manager. “We do upstream tests with customers to ensure that no technical malfunction interferes with training, for example,” explains Virginie. Putting people at the center of interactions is also a focus that is particularly appreciated by customers. Thus, the weaving of links is easier. The same goes for project management:

In order for projects to gain more transparency and information sharing, Eudonet’s teams regularly discuss best practices internally. The feedback from 50 project team employees enables clients to benefit from optimal work methodologies. With the creation of an internal user guide to allow adaptation to 100% distance, customers can be sure of being listened to. It starts in particular with cameras activated regularly to maintain the link.

What avenues for the future?

As travel time to reach customers across Europe has now been replaced by operational working time on projects, Eudonet’s teams have become more efficient. Caroline Cesaro confirms: “Not having to organize trips is much more flexible in the end, and leaves more slots available. […] It even seems to me that we have gained time”. With faster deployments, customer organisations are all the more satisfied and can benefit from a remote sharing and interaction solution.

To go further in their project methodologies, the Eudonet teams are thinking about solutions that could allow them to further improve the relationship with their customers. Thus, Extranet x is considered to be one of the most serious avenues and will be used more in project management.

It is certain: the EudoTeam is ready to take up any challenge!