Eudonet was at the 2019 Data Philanthropy Conference in Montreal

Contact Relationship Management - Data - Digital - Marketing & Communication

On November 14th and 15th, the 3rd Data Philanthropy Forum took place in Montreal. This event was organized by Ivado, the APGP and Synapse-C, and gathered philanthropists from today and tomorrow.

The forum, which was held at HEC Montreal, made possible for students, foundations and professionals on data issues in philanthropy to meet and share their stakes.

Carrefour de Philanthropie des données 2019 à Montréal

On the first day, Michael Novic, Eudonet Canada’s Director, gave a master class on how to maximize the use of data in philanthropy especially to develop donors engagement.After introducing the challenges of non profit organizations, he explained how to liven up the donor’s life cycle. He demonstrated the importance of measuring, following up and acting on the level of donor’s engagement through an efficient digital tool.

For instance, nowadays, it is essential to be able to rely on digital technologies and to centralize you datas. As a non profit organisation or a fundraiser, you have to know very well your donors and contacts. You would like to send them personalized messages and target them according to some specific criterias, while scoring their profile. These practices are possible with en efficient Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool.

With Michael Novic, other experts spoke at this master class such as, Thomas Hurtut, Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Engineering and Software Engineering at Polytechnique Montreal. He spoke on data visualization and Sylvain Arsenault, President of Prospek shared his tips for a persuasive sales pitch/speech.

November 15, National Philanthropy Day, was the announcement of the launch of the Data Philanthropy Laboratory. Students made a presentation of case studies based on the issues and stakes of some of the non profit organizations attending the event. This work was very enriching and demonstrates the value of optimal use of data by NPOs.

Eudonet was very proud to contribute to this event and recommends you to be a part of it next year!

Carrefour de Philanthropie des données 2019 à Montréal