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    The effectiveness of tracking links in email campaigns

    Our previous article looked at the scripting of emailing campaigns and how, depending on the recipient's choice, this would activate a chain of communications to bring them to the desired action. If this method is familiar to you, you can make your campaigns more complex by adding tracking.

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    CRM Testimonial British Mensa

    "British Mensa now has 19,000 members and several years ago trusted Eudonet UK to deliver a CRM that suits its needs and requirements."

    Case Study: British Mensa
    British Mensa

    British Mensa

    Collaboration, Contact Relationship Management, Marketing & Communication

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    CRM & RGPD

    "The aim of this tutorial is to get to grips with GDPR, to list the steps to take and to identify which aspects of a contact management solution can help you stay compliant."

    GDPR: Compliance and opportunities
    Marc Thevenin

    Marc Thevenin

    Contact Relationship Management, Data, Legislation

    Tips and best practices

    GDPR for non profits

    "During recent period of lockdown, the work of the association has not stopped and the activity has continued remotely from homes. This has brought yet again attention to security of the processing of personal data."

    GDPR: how does it work for non-profits?
    Sarah Cotton

    Sarah Cotton

    Contact Relationship Management, Data, Digital, Legislation, Marketing & Communication

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