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« I’m not saying that I am EudoWoman, but has she ever been seen in the same room as me, at the same time? » | Camille, Support Technician at Eudonet

Did Chalène Raby of Amnesty International Canada Francophone accidentally reveal EudoWoman’s secret identity in her interview (see video below)? Contacted, the EudoTeam is really amused by this situation and to teases us to play on the confusion. So the mystery remains and the question that animates both social and popular dinners is still debated: “between costume and accessories, what does define of a superhero?

Not that we intend to be controversial, but wouldn’t it really be the collaborators of Amnesty International who, equipped with their CRM solution, have become true heroes of modern times? Here is our theory…

A real superhero has instincts

They may say that Eudonet’s CRM is an ergonomic and easy-to-use tool, but it is the users of the solution who perform their daily tasks with their eyes closed, as if they had a sixth sense. Conversely, Eudonet developers, equipped with their two (or even three) screens, are forced to work with their eyes wide open to ensure that no errors have been introduced into their code designed for UX.

A true superhero is always up to date

In order to have an up-to-date database, it must be regularly updated, cleaned and set up with unduplicating keys. Amnesty International Canada Francophone collaborators are on the lookout for the slightest update so that everyone has the same information and thus limit the risk of errors, obsolescence and duplication. Eudonet develops the functionalities that make it possible to achieve this result but is in no way responsible for the accomplishments of the advocacy organization.

A true superhero always hits his target

Thanks to advanced filters, Amnesty International collaborators can easily find the contacts they specifically want to address. If the filter fields have been implemented in the CRM by Eudonet teams, such precision can only be due to the organization using the tool wisely. The glory of the work of qualifying the contacts therefore belongs to the collaborators of Amnesty.

A true superhero never works alone

As Chris Evans once said : « Avenger, Assemble ! ». Unity is strength, it is well known. Thanks to its ergonomics and numerous collaborative features, Amnesty International’s teams are able to better organize themselves to carry out their missions successfully.
And in the event of a small problem, Eudonet teams are available to provide valuable assistance, like Alfred for Bruce Wayne.


If Camille at Eudonet is a wonderful ally, helping Amnesty International Canada Francophone with a CRM adapted to NPOs, Amnesty’s collaborators brilliantly carry out their core mission of support and solidarity thanks to their close relationship with their donors. In the end, it is indeed the collaborators of the solidarity association who are the real heroes, thanks to their actions.
What about you? What is your theory?

We would like to warmly thank Charlène Raby, Fundraising and Donor Relations Officer, for taking part in this game of ours and answering our questions.