The Ordre des Evaluateurs Agréés du Quebec (OEAQ) : optimizing the management and monitoring of members

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Ordre des évaluateurs agréés du Québec

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The mission of the Ordre des évaluateurs agréés du Québec (OEAQ) is to protect the public interest by ensuring the quality of the professional acts performed by its members, currently standing at 1000 chartered appraisers in Quebec. All members must be in good standing with the OEAQ, which is governed by the Professional Code. In addition, the order strives to consistently improve the professional services provided to the public by its appraisers.Geneviève Caron-Martin, Director General of the OEAQ, discusses her choice of Eudonets’ CRM solution and the issues the organization wishes to address.

The Ordre des Evaluateurs Agréés du Québec

  • Created 1969
  • Board of Directors of 15 members
  • 1000 certified members

What were the major issues at stake for the OEAQ?

As part of its strategic plan 2020-2024, the OEAQ has identified the following challenges:

  • Promoting and recognizing the Order to the public and its members
  • Attracting candidates and retaining experienced members
  • Reinforcing supervision and monitoring of professionals
  • Improving governance and organizational effectiveness

What plan of action?

To meet its challenges, the OEAQ has defined the following improvements:

  • Updating and improving communication strategies
  • Modernizing the admissions process
  • Optimizing monitoring, coaching and investigation processes
  • Implementing the tools necessary for good governance

Why did you implement a member relationship management solution?

After highlighting its challenges, the OEAQ conducted an IT audit of the organization: team, processes, IT architecture and finances. This audit raised certain risks and issues related to the membership table, which had become outdated and no longer supported over the past year:

  • Technical problems with membership fees and therefore errors in updating information (amounts and invoicing)
  • Lack of flexibility in navigation and access to information
  • Lack of integration with the member area
  • Lack of document management
  • Lack of communication with other systems

In addition, working on several external files (Excel) resulted in:

  • A risk of obsolescence of the data
  • Double the workload for the teams

“Following the identification of these many issues and our obligation to comply with the Professional Code in terms of the membership roll, we began to look for a new solution that would meet these needs.”

Why did you choose Eudonet ?

“Following our attendance at the CIQ 2019 congress, we met Eudonet amongst the exhibitors at the event and agreed to a one on one meeting. From the onset of our working relationship with the Eudonet Canada team, they have been readily available and have given us good advice, whether it was to introduce us to the Eudonet Group, the dedicated solution for orders or to answer our questions.We have had several meetings (demonstrations adapted by business line and explanations), we have worked together to put together a CRM file: scope, methodology, implementation scenario, provisional schedule and budget.” The OEAQ’s selection criteria were :

  • Turnkey, complete, scalable and connected solution
  • Ergonomics for staff and members
  • Flexibility of the solution

After several calls, we quickly validated the high level of satisfaction of their customers and therefore chose to select Eudonet CRM. Our project manager was able to support us in this transition, we are now delighted with our choice and recommend the Eudonet team and its solution.

Geneviève Caron-Martin
Director General of the OEAQ