How to collaborate effectively in an association thanks to CRM?

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How to collaborate effectively in an association thanks to CRM?

What are the benefits of a CRM dedicated to an association?

The charities, foundations, NGOs operate in a world of digital transformation. Today’s donors are no longer yesterday’s; you no longer have to interact in the same way: website, personal space, crowdfunding… So many new behaviours that you want to understand in order to segment, arouse the interest of your donors and ensure regular donations. Eudonet CRM , helps you understand how CRM supports you in managing the activity of your association.

CRM, a tool for targeting and segmenting donors

The CRM allows associations to have a 360 ° vision of donors, volunteers, members and to determine different growth levers. It is at the centre of two marketing methods: RFM and scoring. Two tools that help you set up a good strategy for winning and building loyalty. The RFM: Recency, Frequency, Amount, gives you a better knowledge of your donors, by answering the following questions: what is the date of the last donation? What are the frequency and the average basket of a donation? Score your donors with the scoring and determine who your most loyal benefactors are.
With a CRM, establish a privileged relationship with your donors by personalizing your exchanges thanks to a well-executed segmentation.

Knowing your benefactors well means communicating well

A donor needs to be reassured, to know that his donations are working on real projects, as an association it is important to keep them informed: Newsletter, email, letter, sms … Sharing the inventory of actions carried out through their donations can only make them loyal and strengthen their sympathy capital. Thanks to CRM, you will have segmented your targets using RFM and scoring. Which gives you an indication of:

  • speaking times
  • The recipients

If you want to encourage regular benefactors to continue their efforts, send them a newsletter with your different projects built over the last three months. If you want to reassure new donors, send them an invitation sms to an event presenting your association, foundation or NGO.
CRM helps you to have a good visibility of who your benefactors are and to use the right tone, the right message, the right time to address them.

Automated donation management thanks to crm

Entering donations, monitoring direct debits, editing tax receipts, etc. Automate everything with a CRM. In one software, you centralize all these tasks. Do you want to follow the pledge of a great patron? CRM allows you to have a global view of all flows at a glance and to set up a recovery strategy.

CRM a collaborative tool at the service of volunteers

CRM puts your donors at the heart of your strategy, but does not forget all your stakeholders: volunteers, permanent members, members … CRM makes association life more collaborative. It is a database that lists all your volunteers. If your association has branches throughout France, you can get in touch with your contacts easily by having access to their email, phone number, name, first name…
Finally, the CRM supports you in managing your schedule. You will no longer schedule two meetings at the same time, in the same room!

CRM is a comprehensive, collaborative tool that supports your activity but above all helps you boost it by putting your targets at the heart of all your strategies.