Is Eudonet the most adequate CRM for your Association ? Let’s compare !

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Agneta-Ronceret-Eudonet By Agneta Ronceret

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Because there are many CRM solutions on the market, needless to say that it is quite a challenge for you to find the right tool for your charity organisation. All have perks and downsides and choosing one is a hard task, especially if you have multiple specific needs to answer. Look no further, this article will help you make the right choice.

So, basically, we could start by saying that Eudonet is the CRM tool that you have to get, but we guess that you will need a little bit of convincing first. Why is Eudonet the right solution for you when others like Efficy, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce or i-Raiser look like they would also be a fit for your charity and team ?

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It all starts with your data

Here at Eudonet, we believe that your data is of the utmost importance, that a fundraising campaign can’t possibly be optimal if your data isn’t unified and up to date. In that sense, your data is a real treasure. We can’t deny that every worthwhile CRM solution proposes this feature, for it is quite a basic one.

But our use of the term « treasure » is not a coincidence. A treasure is something that needs to be protected, espacially when it come to sensitive information like coordinates, banking details and such. Yet, not all CRM tools can provide your data with the best safety. Though powerful tools, MS Dynamics and Salesforce are american companies whose servers are located everywhere in the world, hence under the jurisdiction of the CLOUD Act. In comparaison, Eudonet’s servers are located in Europe, thus protected by GDPR. Your data are therefor safe and sound.

Then it goes on with useful features

One of the most important thing when you are choosing a CRM tool is, without a doubt, how it really helps you out on an everyday basis. Every CRM will have marketing and project management features and a 360 overview of your activity. They can also come with dedicated ones to manage simply and efficiently your charity : donation management, donor-patron-volunteer management, charity event management, tax receipts and counterparts, and so on…

But if your CRM is a little too generic, we can be sure that for it to meet your needs would require many specific developments. This will greatly increase the cost of the tool. A matter that you really must reflect on before making any decision.

Equally, open-source CRMs (free, or close to free like ODOO or Donor Box) can be quite deceptive. For two reasons :

  • a free basic tool can propose many useful add-ons that will in the end sky-rocket the initial free use of it;
  • a free tool may not evolve much or not to your charity’s needs, hence making it obsolete quite soon.
  • For these reasons, it is crucial to choose a CRM solution like Eudonet that will give you all you need from the beginning. Thanks to a common base with the essential feature that you need for fundraising (marketing automation, contact management, donation management, tax receipts, and so on), plus a range of add-ons for more specific tasks like an extranet, donor scoring or even online payment.

    Also, Eudonet’s experts keep a close eye on how the fundraising evolves to develop and release regularly new features to make sure that it’s CRM is always meeting your needs.

    What about price range ?

    We’ve already talked a little about money before but since it’s a primary subject in a CRM project, let’s talk about it a little further.

    There are as many price ranges as there are CRM solutions on the market. Free ones, medium price range ones, premium ones. As we saw, theses prices vary according to specific developments you make or to add-ons you need. It will also depend on whether your CRM is a SaaS or if it’s integrated in your own servers.

    At Eudonet, we are quite « SaaSy », which allows you to get all the software’s update and correctives included in your payment plan. No need to worry about your CRM getting obsolete.

    Most CRM editors, like Efficy, will have multiple commercial offers so you can adjust your budget according to the number of users : 2, 5 or 10+. Procurios CRM’s offer will suggest a price range according to the number of contacts you will have in your database. This could be interesting if you only have donors in your database, but the truth is that to function and grow, you need other types of contacts : prospects, volunteers, partners, supplyers, and so on. Your number of contacts can sky-rocket really fast.

    At Eudonet, you can choose between 4 levels of offers, according to the size and needs of your charity, starting at 5 users – therefor it’s quite appropriate for any charity size. Also, we do not limit the number of contact in your database, giving you all the assets to grow.

    Last but not least : UX design

    So you might be asking yourself : « with so many features, how can one easily navigate in a CRM tool ? »
    Well, to be quite honest, this is an issue that every software editor is always thinking of : how can I ensure that my users will easily handle my CRM ? And there are no easy answer.

    At Eudonet, we think a lot about our users’ experience : whether you use a desktop/laptop, a tablet or a smartphone, we develop our CRM making sure it fits all these devices and stay easy to use. Therefor, UX design is one of our main concerns.

    A CRM is never a « plug and play » software, no matter what others may say and training is part of your charity’s change management. When you choose to implement Eudonet in your IT system, our services come with trainings for Admininstrators and users to ensure that you can use your brand new CRM at its full potential.

    Are you convinced yet ?

    Let’s connect and talk about your project.
    My name is Agneta and I am a Fundraising CRM expert. Please feel free to contact me and it will be my pleasure to answer to all your question about your project and our product.
    See you soon !