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Sarah Cotton By Sarah Cotton

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Inbound & outbound marketing

If you solicit your prospects to turn them into customers through traditional channels such as telephone, email, SMS, you are doing OUT-bound marketing. If you position yourself on the web and social media to attract prospects to you, you are doing IN-bound marketing.

Web marketing is experiencing a real revolution due to the need for marketers to move from OUT-bound marketing to IN-bound marketing. And this revolution is dictated by the Internet user himself. In fact, the Internet user no longer wants these permanent and intrusive requests. He now wants to choose what interests him and share it with his relationships.

67% of British internet users are subscribed to at least two social networks. By social networks we mean forums, blogs and micro-blogs (Twitter), professional B2B networks (Viadeo, LinkedIn), B2C networks (Facebook), content sharing sites (Youtube, Dailymotion).
45 million British people are now social users according to Statista.
The happy medium is found today in the marketing mix which combines both the emailing tool and the social network. Therefore, it becomes entirely judicious to carry out social emailing which will address your usual targets by proposing them referrals on your space developed on the most appropriate social network (Facebook in B2C and Viadeo and LinkedIn in B2B).
Social emailing thus allows you to potentially reach all the contacts of your contacts! It is an amplifier of traditional emailing. In addition, you really open a space for collecting new OPT-IN contacts which will increase your prospecting bases.