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Each of your contacts whether they are an individual or an organisation, has their own needs. It can seem difficult sometimes to anticipate these needs and integrate them into your associations future planning. To be able to offer a complete, adapted and scalable service, you need to deepen your knowledge of your contacts needs. One of the easiest and most effective ways to do this is by using online surveys.

Many companies develop their services, improve their knowledge and optimise their performance and customer satisfaction by using a survey “tool”.
However, not many professional associations or membership bodies currently have access to, or, use surveys, although the mission of supporting their contacts is the foundation of their business.

This is why the use of an online survey tool is important to help understand your contacts needs and to help develop your services.

The advantages of the online survey

To assess your performance and understand the new needs of your contacts, whether they are an individual or an organisation, nothing helps more than the use of online surveys, coupled with your CRM . The link between surveys and your CRM offers many advantages:

  • Target your contacts according to simple or advanced filters
  • Very fast implementation and information gathering
  • Share on many digital channels (emails, web forms, social networks)
  • Instantaneous results
  • Objectivity of responses
  • Possible anonymisation of responses

Better knowledge brings better service

Eudonet CRM, goes further in the monitoring process to collect in mass, from you contacts, reliable and objective data to assess your performance and, above all, design your future services based on the surveys responses.

This single feature opens up the possibilities!

More than just a simple satisfaction survey following an event, with Eudonet CRM you will be able to effectively assess the use of your services, the relevance of your offer and detect new development opportunities.

For example, the online survey can be used to:

  • Collect feedback from your contacts
  • Evaluate the processing of a request
  • Follow the development and progress of requests.
  • Carry out a statistical survey as part of a study. These studies influence the development of medium-term services such as support for companies in the implementation of a sustainable policy or in their digital transformation.

Of course, the online survey module can also help you on specific or occasional subjects such as the Covid-19 crisis. You will be able to better assess the impact of this crisis on your contacts and evaluate the needs of your companies in the short and medium term.

Give voice to your contacts and turn this source of information into useful performance indicators for your business.

Introducing Eudonet survey function

Easy to use, this functionality allows you to create surveys, polls and other questionnaires in a few clicks. The possibilities offered are numerous:

  • Open questions
  • Single or multiple-choice answers
  • Catalogues
  • Checkboxes
  • Star Rating
  • Mandatory or optional responses …

The Eudonet CRM user can build the survey they need, depending on the chosen topic.
All returns can be tracked in real time, with the ability to automatically create and edit reports whether in the form of graphs, pivot tables or simply raw data. These reports facilitate the interpretation of your data, to extract all the added value and help you in making informed decisions.

Through these surveys and the analysis of their results, you can easily assess your performance or detect new service opportunities to meet your targets.

The Online Survey function is fully integrated into the Eudonet CRM and is activated in one click.

Contact our experts to find out more or receive an online demonstration of the built in Eudonet CRM Survey tools!

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