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Post project animation CRM

Your CRM project should not end on the go live date. Indeed, the success of a project is measured in particular by the users’ adherence to the new tool. To facilitate and increase their membership over time, a few simple means can be implemented.

Post-project animation is necessary for:

  • Guide users and ensure that the tool is used correctly
  • Orient internal communication positively
  • Develop the tool

To guide users, regular training or booster shots can be organized. These training sessions must be short, targeted and well distributed over time. The objective is to reassure users and to ensure that the tool is properly handled. It is also an opportunity to remind them of good practices, the rules of use, to emphasize the errors not to be reproduced.

The facilitators of these training courses should ideally be pilot users of the tool or collaborators who have mastered the tool perfectly. The interest is therefore also to put forward these interlocutors, to value them and especially to identify them as referents for the others. This dynamic should motivate all users to take charge of the tool and why not become in turn future referents.

Each training or booster shot must be accompanied by a support. Setting up a virtual library makes it possible to centralize all of these media and make them available to everyone. Users will be able to find the different media used by theme or key words and you will thus constitute your personalized online help.

Project communication is essential in the implementation phases, but it is even more so in the deployment phase. Recalling the objectives, indicating the results, highlighting good practices, communicating the changes supported and the future lots of the project are examples of content to highlight. Newsletters internal to your company, billboards, the creation of a landing page on your CRM are some examples of media that can be created to improve communication.

Some of our clients use EudoForum, an ideal and fun way to animate their communication. This forum allows their employees to discuss common subjects, to find the expected documents and the answers to their questions.
Finally, one of the most effective ways to animate the tool and to make it evolve. Adding functional bricks, improving ergonomics, creating new reports, facilitating uses by creating shortcuts … are solutions that are often quick to implement and whose impact on use or on membership can be greatly appreciated by your collaborators.

A Request Tracking tab in your CRM can allow you to centralize and monitor the changes expected by your users, communicate to them the possible completion dates, specify their expectations, edit progress reports to expand your plan. communication.

And how do you animate your CRM?