[Replay] Eudonet UK - Member Retention

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Sarah and Chris, our best CRM experts dedicated to Non-For-Profit sector, explain the Member retention.

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Recruiting new members is great for growing your organisation. But recruitment of new members doesn’t mean anything if those members don’t renew their membership with you. This is why retention and renewal rates are so important. Members retention is the measurement of returning members. High renewal rates above all with help keep a steady funding stream. Consistent renewal rates will allow you to spend less time having to seek funding for the association and allow you time to diversify. Renewal rate goal – does you association have a renewal rate goal? Do you have a member retention strategy? What can you do to help increase your retention rates? Our CRM experts Sarah and Chris are looking at our top 10 strategies to help improve retention to encourage members to remain engaged and to continue as a member of your association using our Eudonet CRM tools. Enjoy!