How did CRM take a central place in our communication strategy and those of our clients?

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Marianne Pichoud By Marianne Pichoud

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Stratégie Communication Digitale

If 10 years ago you told me that customers would modify my communication actions in real time and that I could manage them from my cell phone, I certainly wouldn’t have believed you.

And yet, with the advent of digital technology, many challenges are impacting the world of communication: adapting to new uses, adopting innovative tools, animating communities, interacting one-to-one, building campaigns multichannel, mastering e-reputation, demonstrating agility… In this very dynamic and constantly evolving universe, CRM is an ally that helps me accomplish my new missions on a daily basis. Find out why this tool is now at the heart of my activity.

CRM: control tower of many digital communication tools

The digital transformation has profoundly changed consumer behaviour. Better informed, they find information on the web, participate on websites, give their opinion on social networks, buy from applications, consult their e-mails from their mobile screens …
One of the main difficulties for communication professionals is the multiplication of tools and channels. Taken separately, it is difficult to analyse all of this data. However, a holistic view is the key to understanding consumer expectations and making informed decisions.
When I arrived at Eudonet 8 years ago, I understood that our CRM was our best asset to build our communication actions. Placed at the heart of our digital ecosystem, it is connected to all of our digital tools, centralises all data and offers a comprehensive view of the customer journey. All our employees feed our base which becomes essential for building our actions.

[Digital] Data at the heart of the communication strategy

Yesterday, communications strategies and communications campaigns were built on data from separate systems. Today, it is important to collect information in real time and continuously from a wide range of platforms.
By centralizing all the information, collected over the course of the interactions, it is possible to obtain a very detailed knowledge of all the contacts and to group them into homogeneous segments.
The analysis of customer data, through CRM, makes it possible to measure the commercial potential of all these segments. So much information with high added value to define a relevant communication strategy and then build a communication plan adapted to the different targets, according to their respective potential.

A communication plan built around each contact

In addition to offering a strategic vision to our communication department, the CRM is an operational tool to steer our actions: emailing, newsletters, invitations, events, distribution of content, call campaigns, SMS or direct mail … These means are used in a complementary way to reach each target, at the right time, with the right message. Our CRM makes it possible to capitalise on customer knowledge to build a personalized approach and therefore, improve conversion, satisfaction, additional sales and loyalty. A true integrated multichannel communication centre, CRM not only allows us to orchestrate all our actions, but also to build and monitor all our performance indicators. An essential step to understand the impact of the actions carried out and optimize those to come.
Being responsible for communication within a publisher and integrator of CRM solutions is a real opportunity to model our product according to digital developments, the needs of our customers and ours, internally. This improvement process, both collective and continuous, is at the service of ever more personalised and effective communication!
Let’s share our ideas to build, together, a CRM in line with the communication of tomorrow.