SaaS and Cloud: don't forget the Service dimension!

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Marc Thevenin By Marc Thevenin

Saas et Clous CRM

SaaS (Software As A Service) aims to provide IT solutions in the form of a service integrating the application, infrastructure, hosting and support. Cloud computing refers to the use of memory and computing capacity of computers and servers in various locations.

The advantages are well known compared to client server solutions.

Not a software, a global service!

Software, hosting, security, assistance, support, …

Total flexibility!

In terms of configuration, self-customization, no need to call in specialists. Businesses adapt as much and as quickly as necessary, without replacing expensive infrastructure or increasing staff. With the On-Demand model, adding additional sites, workstations or users is simple, immediate and does not require additional IT investments.

Service availability: 99.99%

No additional hardware, software or bandwidth as the user base grows. The publisher manages and commits to availability.

Strong and systematic adhesion

  • Available from any computer or peripheral (iPhone, Blackberry, etc.), from anywhere, anytime, they respond to the growing challenges of mobility.
  • Web interfaces that stick to the habits of Internet users, shorter training courses, etc.

A particularly attractive overall cost

  • Low entry ticket: no purchase of licenses, no material investment, lower set-up costs,
  • No hidden costs (no iceberg effect: licenses versus hardware, infrastructure, dedicated team, updates, maintenance),
  • More visibility
  • A subscription system, updates included, infrastructure, maintenance, assistance, support included
  • A time saver: Establishment: in days or weeks, not months, to see in years
  • Deployment speed: a web connection, nothing more

In short, much better results and a much faster return on investment.

If we naturally and from the beginning (end of the 90s beginning of the 2000s) subscribe to this trend, we draw attention to the fact that beyond the application and infrastructure layer, proximity and service remain essential.

Advice: to clearly define the objectives, the scope of the solution, the timing … and benefit from best practices
Management: to stay the course and meet the implementation schedule
Support and change management to gain the support of users
Animation: once the solution is in place everything begins, and to bring a CRM to life, you need a tool, of course, but you also need a facilitator.

All these aspects are decisive, often underestimated and the great majority of our clients have understood it well. They ask us on these points, with the comfort of having at their side a single partner capable of covering all the needs.