COVID-19: How do you feel your current CRM solution has worked for you and your staff over the past few months?

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Here at Eudonet UK we have found that the business disruptions caused by the coronavirus have generated renewed interest in, as well as highlighted, the crucial role of CRM. Almost overnight, CRM became the sole way for Associations to support their employees who had to maintain contact with the association’s members whilst working remotely. There is no question, COVID-19 completely changed the way we all completed our daily jobs. Sales teams could no longer make site visits, marketers had to cancel events and we could no longer rely on the person sitting opposite us to answer a quick question we may have.

Covid-19 completely changed the way we all completed our daily jobs

Despite the enormous efforts to respond to the crisis, unfortunately it highlighted some long standing technological weaknesses. Legacy CRM systems struggled to handle what was required of them, which meant that organisations struggled to analyse and adapt their working processes to the meet the changing needs of the association.
Providing a positive experience for members is critical during times of crisis. It is likely that social distancing will continue for many months to come, which means in-person interactions, events and even small meetings may not take place again very soon. It is therefore even more essential for associations to be able to maintain relationships with each one of their members as well ensuring that each contact is treated with understanding and empathy.

The covid-19 pandemic had far more impact than anyone could have foreseen

Now that companies start to return to the office is it time to ask yourself – did I get the best out of my CRM software solution during lockdown?
Newer, more digital CRM technologies allow companies to continue to interact with their customers whether they are in the office or working from home. Cloud based CRM solutions, such as Eudonet CRM, can help membership organisations expand their reach. Elements like data capture, automation, segmentation, triggers, customer journeys, interest tracking, all of which Eudonet CRM can manage, have allowed organisations to target their audiences with much greater precision, ensuring that the right person is getting the right message at the right time, via the correct channel.
This is why there has been an increase in organisations moving from legacy CRM solutions towards cloud-based solutions, such as Eudonet CRM, not only to help expand their reach but also to assist with the heighten awareness of security, data protection and customer privacy as well as the greater reliance on automations.

CRM is a crucial tool to help associations maximise every interaction

Organisations that want to not only weather the COVID-19 storm but also improve their entire outlook going forward will need to view this time of economic recovery as an opportunity to shift the way they do business. Associations will need to ensure they are nimble, agile, responsive and in tune with their members needs and preferences and be ready to engage quickly, efficiently and effectively.
CRM is now and will continue to be for the foreseeable future a crucial management tool to help associations maximise the value of every member interaction. Is your current CRM system providing you with that?

Eudonet UK are here to help

The Eudonet CRM software solution, dedicated to Professional Associations, can help bring the right information at the right time to the right contact. If can help develop and manage personalised multichannel communication campaigns and keep track of all your interactions with your members in a more intuitive way. It allows association to put the relationship they have with their members at the heart of their processes. If CRM software works seamlessly, even during lockdown, it is because they are always connected. What we mean here is that they are integrated in SaaS (Software As A Service) mode. This means that the solutions are deployed on outsourced servers and that no software is integrated directly into your own servers. A simple internet connection is enough to access it.
You can find your work tool everywhere, even at home. You access all your contacts, all your exchanges, all your dashboards, all your performance indicators, etc. You can continue to work calmly and effectively thanks to your flagship features available on the Cloud: processing memberships, editing receipts, monitoring sponsorship agreements, measuring performance using indicators, etc. Nothing changes except your work environment.
We all understand that we do not know how the coming months will evolve but this difficult period (re) highlights the fact that the accessibility of our work tools, but also and above all of our data, is essential for the maintenance of our activities.
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